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By Laura Dale

A brave wingsuit pilot has returned to Britain with three world records including the fastest man in the world without the use of machinery.

Pic by Caters News

Fraser Corsan leaped 35,000ft from a plane above Davis in California in a high-tech wingsuit and raced cars below as he hit extraordinary speeds of 249mph.

Subject to ratification by Guinness, Fraser, 42, has broken the World Record for greatest speed flown in a wingsuit and the highest altitude leap for a European, and the longest freefall flight of 31,959ft before opening his parachute.

Frustratingly for Fraser, the extreme heat in California and then stormy weather in Canada last week when Fraser flew made it too dangerous for him to go any higher.

Fraser said: “It was pretty extraordinary jumping from airline territory and flying along was pretty incredible.

“I’m delighted to have set the records but the frustration is that the weather is the one thing we couldn’t control.

“We had a bizarre weather situation in that it was 30 degrees fahrenheit higher than usual for that time of year.

Pic by Caters News

Engineer Fraser from Salisbury flew in a flying-squirrel inspired custom-made suit and thick layers over his hands and face to keep out the -44 degrees celsius temperatures.

The suit specially designed for Fraser’s world record breaking attempt came fitted to his body and equipped with an oxygen mask, a SatNav.

If Guinness give his flight the thumbs up he will have travelled at the fastest speed in a wingsuit ever and also the fastest person in the world to move horizontally without machinery

His flight also broke two World Air Sports Federation (FAI) records, with his jump from 35,509ft setting a new

Fraser said: “The problem with the heat when it’s that extreme is that it means there’s no wind. Previously people had between 110 knot winds and I had zero.

Pic by Caters News

“In Canada it was also incredibly bizarre weather and we just couldn’t afford to keep everyone there until it got better.

“It was frustrating but we made the one jump and proved all our equipment is great.

“I spent so long tracking a highway for 13 miles which allowed me to put into perspective just how quickly I was going because I was overtaking cars down below before I eventually landed next to it.”