The stellar show wowed onlookers as it swept across Australia and New Zealand on Sunday (May 28).

The aurora australis is the southern counterpart of the aurora borealis - more commonly known as the southern lights.

Dave Reynolds captured these extraordinary images near Cygnet, a small town in Southern Tasmania

The 47-year-old said: "I love getting out into the natural world with my camera and Tasmania gives me the chance to photograph the night sky with very little light pollution.

"For me, Aurora photography is a place that art meets science.

"Being out there under the night skies and looking back through time into the vastness of the night sky leaves me feeling pretty humble and very grateful that I can witness and capture the beauty of the Aurora.

"I've also met some great people through Aurora chasing, some of the most generous and interesting people can be found dotted along Tasmanian beaches in the middle of the night."