Life Video

By David Aspinall

These are the heart-warming reactions captured by a pregnant woman every time she tells her mum with Alzheimer’s that she is having a baby.

Glowing mum-to-be Christine Stone decided to film her mum Setsuko Harmon’s replies each time she informed her of her pregnancy over four days.

Despite being afflicted with the memory destroying disease, the 77-year-old breaks into a huge grin and begins clapping with excitement whenever the news is broken.

Invariably Setsuko asks her daughter when the baby us due before telling Christine, 38, ‘I’m so glad’ and giggling with joy.

Christine, from Florence, South Carolina, USA, said: “I enjoy telling mum because every time she reacts like a kid at Christmas.

“I can tell her I’m pregnant 2 minutes after I just told her and she is still surprised.

“My daughter will appreciate this video when she grows up and know my mom was excited for her arrival and was loved.”

Setsuko was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s eight years ago and is cared for 24 hours a day by her husband Bob, 69.

Christine, who is 20 weeks pregnant with her first child and stepmom to her husband Brad’s two children, looks after her mum at weekends to give her dad a break.

Christine said: “It makes my father sad and depressed to see the video but he likes to see her happy and excited.

“Her short term memory is affected so she forgets she just ate and where the bathroom is which is really hard on dad.

“She can remember things that happened a long time ago but will ask the same question over and over.

“It is very sad, but she mostly has a positive attitude.”