By Luke Johnston

This is the hilarious moment a zebra is caught laughing between some rather serious looking friends.

Pic by Lincoln G Harris/Caters News 

Lincoln Harris, 46, from Pennsylvania, United States, was on a safari in Kenya, Africa, when he came across the comical sight.

After noticing a group of zebra‘s he decided to take a closer look.

And as he prepared himself to take a shot of the animals side by side, one of the zebras suddenly let out a laugh.

Pic by Lincoln G Harris/Caters News

Lincoln, a professional photographer, said: “I watched this dazzle of Zebra for a while, waiting for them to all get in the frame.

“They were all lined up perfectly, when suddenly the one of the far right started laughing!

“It was so funny, and it worked perfectly for my photographs.

“I really wanted to focus on the Zebra, when this moment presented itself I was already ready to make the image.