Offbeat Video

By Liam Bolland

Watch the moment a man attempts to pop balloons off his friend with an air rifle.

Jason Saddler, 28, from Leeds filmed his friend, Matty, 30, popping balloons off Devon, 25, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, on May 20th.

Devon has a passion for airsoft and the group of lads didn’t think Matty would be able to pop the balloons.

After popping a few of the balloons, Matty continued to fire at Devon, leaving him with numerous bruises on his back.

Jason said: “Devon just went for it and we all hilariously watched, dying in laughter.

“I was surprised he did it and I couldn’t believe it when Matty actually managed to pop some balloons.

“He is in a bit of pain but he does airsoft as a hobby so he’s used to it.”