By Catherine Reid

A newborn baby who was sent home to spend her final few days at home has stunned medics – by making a miracle recovery.

Doctors thought tiny Kassadie-Maria Conway would be stillborn because of a detected heart condition – and advised mum Clare, 17, to terminate the pregnancy.

But when Clare refused, and Kassadie-Maria was born alive on January 3, she says doctors told her that her baby wouldn’t survive more than a week – and allowed her to take her daughter home, so they could spend her short life together.

But amazingly, Kassadie has gone from strength to strength – and five weeks on, Clare is begging doctors to re-do tests as she has an apparently healthy baby girl.

Clare said: “Every day I thought ‘is this going to be her last’, but I was just grateful for all the time I got to spend with her.

“The doctors had told me how her breathing would fail and she would become very weak and deteriorate very quickly.

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“But none of the signs happened – and the longer she was at home, the louder and more greedy she became.”

Kassadie-Maria will need a heart operation in the near future, but Clare can’t find a hospital who will operate on her because of her diagnosed condition.

The desperate mum is now begging for the initial tests to be redone because Kassadie-Maria is doing so well on her own.

Clare was advised to have an abortion at 20 weeks after doctors discovered there was something wrong with her child’s heart.

Clare, from Coventry, West Midlands, gave birth to Kassadie-Maria Conway on January 3.

The full-time mum was told to prepare for a stillbirth, so was ‘shocked’ when little Kassadie-Maria came out ‘screaming’.

The tot weighed a healthy 7lbs 6.5oz and Clare carried her to 41 weeks, meaning she was a week overdue.

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Clare said: “All I knew before she was born was that she had a heart problem and I was advised to have her aborted.

“Doctors didn’t think she’d make it through birth.

“I didn’t want a termination and just wanted the hospital to support my decision.

“I was so scared.”

Clare and her partner Luke Aldridge, were delighted when Kassadie-Maria was born.

Clare, 17, said: “I was so happy but also really scared because I was expecting a stillborn.

“But she came out breathing on her own and screaming her little head off.

“She was put on medication to keep the valves to her heart open but the hospital didn’t operate.”

Now six weeks old, the baby is ‘greedy’ and a ‘really happy baby’.

Clare and Luke added: “We’re heartbroken the hospital won’t even give her this chance.

“They’ve said they won’t operate because they don’t think she’ll live past five years old, but she’s doing so much better than everyone thought she would.

“She’s a really happy baby, always smiling and laughing and she’s so greedy.”

Clare’s mum, Tina Conway, just wants doctors to give her granddaughter a chance.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

The 48-year-old said: “There isn’t a name for Kassadie-Maria’s condition, but we feel like doctors have just given up on her.

“We would rather she die on the operating table, having been given a chance, than they just leave her to die.

“They said she would start to struggle after coming off her medication but she hasn’t at all.

“She looks like such a healthy baby and she’s so alert.”

Clare added: “She loves moving around, she’s a joy.”

A Birmingham Children’s Hospital spokesperson said: “We care for children and young people with some of the most complex heart conditions in the country, using pioneering surgical techniques, however in some extreme cases there are sadly no procedures that can help.

“The best interests of the child is always at the heart of the decisions we make around their care, and we do all we can to support families through difficult times.”