By Sophie Norris

This is the moment a ‘prat biker with a death wish’ squeezed through a four-foot gap at 80MPH between two giant HGVs – narrowly avoiding being crushed.

John Thompson, 53, was driving his lorry down the A11 from Norwich to London when another HGV began to overtake him in the outside lane.

Despite both vehicles travelling around 60mph and having no more than four feet between them, John was gobsmacked when a biker emerged between them.

John, who was travelling near the Attleborough Bypass at 6.23am at the time of the accident, believes the reckless biker put the lives of him, the other driver and his own at risk.

John, from Norwich, said: “Honestly, I didn’t see the bike coming. I was shaking when I saw it.

“There was a truck without a trailer in the right-hand lane and it was overtaking me.

“Many drivers flash other cars to let them overtake. If I had done that, the prat biker would have died.”

John only heard the bike as it sped past him as due to the height of his wing mirrors he had not seen it approaching.

John said: “We’re basically in charge of a lethal weapon in a lorry, we can cause a lot of damage.

“On the video, it is literally a second or two and he’s gone.

“A slight lapse in concentration and he would have been dead. They just come up on you so quickly. It’s like he had a death wish.


“Trucks are so large that any movements are exaggerated.

“A slight turn and he would have been under the wheels.

“I have been doing this a large time and sadly, we see that kind of driving near enough daily.

“They think they can get away with it so it is a chance they take and one of these days if he keeps taking those chances, he won’t be so lucky.

“If the other truck driver had got past me, if I was in front, I would have flashed him in.

“If I had done that, the truck driver could have moved over and squashed him.”

John has been a driver for the same company for 13 years, however it was in the armed forces that he first learned how to drive trucks.

John said: “I was driving for 12 years in the army but in total, I have been driving them for 35 years.

“I would like to think I’m experienced, but sometimes you get caught out.”

Addressing fellow drivers, including the dangerous biker in the clip, John urged them to be more vigilant.

John said: “Be aware of what is going on in front of you and have patience. We [lorry drivers] can only do a certain speed.

“Is your life not worth waiting just five seconds for one of us to get out of the way?”