By Mollie Tracey

A stunning woman who was taunted for having ‘more rolls than a baker’ has ditched junk food to become a self-confessed gym bunny.

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Louise Papprill, 25, from York, was teased on her lunch break by her school peers about her large frame.

She had binged on a diet of cakes and cheesy pasta until she weighed a whopping 13st 9lbs, and at only 5ft 3in she was obese.

Leaving her embarrassing ordeal behind her, Louise started university but her bad habits got out of control and she would binge on fast food and wine most nights.

But, after being left feeling ashamed of her size 18 body, Louise decided to ditch the junk food and focused on getting her life back on track.

And now, after hitting the gym five times a week, Louise weighs nine stone and can fit into a slim size 10.

PIC FROM Caters News

Louise, a trauma and attachment therapist, said: “When my friend joked that I had more rolls than a baker I was mortified, I even had a cake in hand as he said it.

“It was during our school lunch break and all of my school friends were stood in the queue for the bakery.

“At first I had to think about what he was saying, but once I realised what he was implying I felt so ashamed, it’s a moment that has stuck with me ever since.

“The following week I went to town and bought myself some slimming pills but I didn’t change my diet and so they didn’t have any effect on my weight.

“When I started university I instantly piled on even more weight, we would go out clubbing four times a week and I would drink wine and Jagerbombs all night long.

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“On the way home I would eat a large kebab or a large pizza to myself, and this continued for around two years.

“But eventually I broke down in front of my friends, I felt so ashamed of my body and that’s when I started to make a change.

“I now go to the gym five times a week, it’s become a hobby of mine and I love weight training.

“I want to encourage people to keep at it, losing weight is a slow process and there is no quick fix, because if there was, everyone would be slim.”

Louise admits that she had always been overweight and was reassured by her parents that she was just ‘big boned’.

But when Louise moved into halls of residence at Sheffield Hallam University her weight ballooned.

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She added: “In my second year I became really self-conscious of my body.

“During the colder months when I walked to my lectures I wouldn’t wear a coat as I would become out of breathe and get really hot, everyone else was wrapped up but I didn’t need too.

“My friends became really worried about my drinking habits and lifestyle and I soon reached my heaviest, I was going through a phase of self-destruct.

“The other girls were joining dance classes and exercising, but the thought of the gym terrified me.

“Instead I carried on eating everything that was bad for me, I loved cakes, I would buy a pack of four and eat two of them in one go.

“My portion sizes were also out of control, I would eat enough in one sitting to feed two people.”

After confiding in her friends, Louise started exercising every day before her lectures and learnt to control her portions.

Louise said: “For me it was all or nothing and so in the first three months I cut out chocolate and cheese all together, once I started on a block of cheese I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I never thought I could be smaller than a size 12, but as the months passed by the pounds kept on dropping off until I reached my goal weight of nine stone.

“I can finally say I love my body and I am no longer ashamed when I look in the mirror.

“Around the same time I met my boyfriend who is a personal trainer and he has really encouraged me to get more involved with the gym.

“I used to force myself to go, and I hated cardio, but I now love weight training and I actually want to do it.

“It’s so important to find something that you enjoy, that way it’s much easier to get the results you want.”


Breakfast – Two large bowels of cereal
Lunch – Greggs pasty, sandwich with crisps and two yum yums
Snack – Chocolate bar and crisps
Dinner – Extra-large portion of pasta or lasagne
Snack – Second helping of dinner
Pudding – Jam roly-poly, rice pudding, custard


Breakfast – Porridge or protein pancakes
Lunch – Chicken with rice and veg
Dinner – Turkey burgers
Snacks – Protein bar, yoghurt, apple