Video Viral

Terrifying footage from Saas-Fee, Switzerland, has captured the moment a skier looses balance and eventually tumbles down a 60ft deep crevasse.


Jamie Mullner, 26, has been skiing for nearly 17 years and co-runs a video production company Switzerland.

“I have been skiing since 2000, when I first went on a family holiday to La Plagne in France, after first learning at Chatham dry ski slope in the UK,” said Jamie.

The terrifying ordeal took place on his fourth season skiing in Saas-Fee.

“We were out to ski some powder as it was one of the first good powder days of the year.

We also wanted to scope some spots for filming in the coming days.”


Jamie was cautioned about the crevasses before setting off down the mountain.

“I knew there were some crevasses to watch out for at the bottom but I misjudged my position.”

The misjudgment proved costly as Jamie found himself heading directly for the crevasse, which was approximately 50m away.

GoPro footage captured the frightening moment Jamie took a tumble and rolled uncontrollably into the crevasse.

“When I fell and then tumbled and there was no resistance from the ground I knew I had gone into the crevasse.


I was pretty sure I was going to die or get horrifically injured.”

Jamie recounts the nightmarish experience of not being able to see anything while he was falling down the crevasse.

“I bounced off several ledges, and each time I tumbled off the next on I wondered how far I would fall next and was expecting to hit something very hard.”

Jamie recovered from the fall, only to find himself approximately 60ft deep inside a crevasse.

Chilling video shows Jamie’s point of view inside the crevasse as well as captures the conversation he had with his brother on the walkie-talkie.

“My friends saw the whole incident as it happened and I was able to speak to my brother on the radio pretty much as soon as I stopped falling.

They were fairly calm as I told them that I was ok and relatively safe.


They just got on with organising the rescue.”

Jamie feels grateful to have been able to communicate with his brother on the walkie-talkie as it kept him calm.

“I was so glad to have the radios as I would have been panicking a lot more without that direct connection to the people getting me help.

I was talking to my brother Jack- he was great and kept me calm and reassured.”

Jamie was eventually pulled out by emergency services.


“I would like to thank the rescue services for the great and quick work, and they still kept a sense of humour!”

He was flown by helicopter to be checked out by doctors, where he was given the all clear- miraculously sustaining no injuries as a result of the tumble.

Jamie’s message to all skiers; do not let yourself get over-confident.

“It only takes a few seconds to get a little carried away and often you don’t get a second chance like I did.”