Offbeat Video

By Becca Husselbee 

A racehorse who ended up in a canteen after breaking loose from her handler has been caught on camera by a puzzled jockey.

Amy Waugh, 27, was sitting in the canteen, having a bite to eat with her dad, race horse trainer, Simon Waugh, when the loose horse found its way into the kitchen.

The horse got away from her handler after coming off the racetrack at Redcar racecourse but got lost trying to get back to the stables and managed to navigate a series of corridors – leaving diners bemused when she ended up in the kitchen.

Amy said: “We were just so shocked when we saw this horse behind the counter. My dad was like ‘quick get your phone out and video it!’

“The horse was really calm considering and the groom came in after her and she just calmly walked out.

“It’s amazing how she managed to find her way to the canteen as it’s not straight forward, she would have had to squeeze through doorways and corridors.”

Amy, who has worked as a jockey for her dad since she left school, was due to be on the race track that afternoon when the horse decided to take a detour.

Amy added: “We were just all completely puzzled when it happened and I just thought I had to take a video.”