By Sarah Francis

A young woman with a rare condition causing her to starve to death has hit back at people who accuse her of anorexia.


Kody Feragen, 21, from Taylorsville, Utah, US,  was diagnosed with Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) which caused her to drop to 85lb.

The young woman first noticed she was sick when she lost 12lbs in just THREE days last July.

The former foodie is resigned to watching other people eat on YouTube and is so weak she has to use a wheelchair.

Now she is hoping to get a feeding tube before it’s too late.

Kody said: “I’ve been going through hell. Every time I eat the pain is unreal and everything comes up. My stomach feels like it’s going to explode.


“Now I get really hungry, I am at the point I’m starving to death.

“I have a wheelchair, I really lost my life.

“It’s just hard, I don’t fit in any of clothes, I am so uncomfortable with how skinny am I.”

Once at a healthy weight of 127lbs, her symptoms started as nausea and a loss of appetite.

She said: “I stepped on the scales and I weighed 112lb that scared me really bad.


“Two months later I started to get bloated and unable to eat at all.

“After that it got really bad and I wouldn’t be able to eat all at. I puked”

The source of the pain turned out to be a blockage on her smaller intestine but many doctors refused to acknowledge the condition.

Just three months ago, Kody was finally diagnosed with SMA at the Univesity of Utah and will have a feeding tube fitted June 19.

Kody said: “They just think you’re not eating.

“I’ve been the emergency room so many times, I’ve been to so many doctors.

“There’s so much judgement.

“The doctors don’t want to admit that they don’t know what’s going on.

“They just think you’re not eating, everyone has – gone through hell, the doctors don’t want to admit.

“It’s really hard, I sit and I try to eat. I am so weak all the time. It hurts all the time.”

PIC BY CATERS NEWS – Kody with her mum.

” One doctor she had never seen it as bad, it was so twisted. She was scared to do anything

“They are going to do my feeding tube, to help me not be so weak.  They hope that will fix everything, so I am holding out hope.”

Unable to work, Kody is currently living with her parents who, along with her sister Jordan, have been her biggest supporter.

Jordan launched a fundraisng page to help with her sister’s medical costs by clicking here.

Kody said: “I don’t know what I would do, you really need some around, to babysit you.

“I try to eat every single day, sometimes are really bad and I only stick to liquid.

“I sit and watch people eating on YouTube.  I try to go out and do things, but too walk or stand for too long it gets hard to breathe.”

She added: “I just really hope this syndrome needs to get know, someone needs to get comfortable for curing it. Just want to get better.”