Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment a high school cheerleader thinks she is a lizard before freaking out over the dentist removing her tongue after a wisdom teeth operation.

Convinced she is now a ravenous reptile, Olivia Hurst pokes her tongue out of her mouth to catch her prey while sat in her mum’s car on May 11.

Having told mum Liz she is a lizard, the 18-year-old begins to shout that the dentists have removed her ‘tongues’ while holding two pieces of surgical gauze in her hand.

Distraught Olivia refuses to believe her mother’s replies and is adamant that they need to hold a funeral for her tongue after suing the doctors.

Liz, from Melissa, Texas, USA, said: “I found it really funny that Olivia was convinced she was a lizard.

“At first, she thought she was a lizard, then she believed the devil had stolen her oesophageal sphincter which I had to Google to see it was even real.

“Finally, she thought she had two tongues which were also taken out.

“I couldn’t get over the fact that my sweet & smart daughter who is top three in her class was convinced about these hilarious things.”

“I just thought ‘that’s some really strong stuff doctors give out now’.

“She carried on like this for about an hour, all the way back from the doctor’s office.

“After a quick nap, she was back to normal.”