Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a marine flies home nine months early to surprise his mum on her birthday.

There’s a knock on the door at the Tucker household in Waxahachie, Texas, USA, and birthday girl Amy is the most confused of them all as she leaps to her feet, only to be told it’s probably just ‘Brian’, another member of the family.

Peering around the door the mother-of-five is stunned into silence as instead of ‘Brian’ standing before her, it’s actually her son Brandon who wasn’t scheduled to be home until Christmas.

Screaming ‘oh my god’ at the top of her lungs, Amy collapses into the arms of her 21-year-old soldier son, as the pair weep uncontrollably while declaring their love for one another.

Watching on with ‘tear filled eyes’, Amy’s husband William, said: “It was a very emotional moment, almost everyone in there was tearing up.

“We were all so excited to have him back, and we couldn’t wait to see how my wife would react, we weren’t sure what she’d do.

“We’d been working on the surprise for about three weeks and Amy was the only one in the whole family who didn’t know about it.

“My son manged to fly home for a recruiting assistance assignment and make sure to time it right for her birthday.

“Amy said it was the best birthday present ever, she was so happy to have him home.

“It was so lovely to be all back together as a family again.”

Asking ‘you didn’t expect me to come?’ First-class private Brandon, who has been in the marines since September 2016, continues to cradle his overwhelmed mother as she quips that the family ‘aren’t very nice’ for keeping her son’s return a secret.