Amazing Video

Incredible footage from Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada, has captured the moment four brothers decided to paddle down a drainage ditch on their kayaks.

Four brothers of the Kellogg family; Graden, Broden, Kendon and Dallon decided to take on the challenge.

” All 14 of us (yes there are 12 kids plus our parents) travel the continent in search of Adventure. Fate brought us to kayaking,” says Graden.

While various members of the family had successfully conquered challenging rivers before, none had attempted anything quite like this.

“None of us have done anything like this; slide down a 1000 foot man-made drainage ditch.

We had heard of this epic slide from friends and the Internet, and we’ve always wanted to try it ourselves.”

The gang finally got a chance to blast down the drainage ditch while on a family trip to British Columbia.

“On one of our lengthy family trips Broden found out we were within a few miles of the slide.

We all got very excited and rushed over to Lions Bay, British Columbia,” said Graden.

Once at the site the brothers hiked up to the top of the drain before getting into their boats and launching off.

“By our calculations we believe we hit speeds of up to 27 miles per hour- our brains and bodies were pumping with adrenaline,” he added.

Graden recalls the thrill of being launched into the air at the bottom of the ditch because of the speed and angle with which they hit the water.

“After our boats stabilised, we shouted in excitement.

We all wished we could do it over and over, but the sun was setting and our family had plans to be elsewhere.”