Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

Dozens of elephants spooked by a swarm of bees were filmed dashing away from the distressing buzz.

The comical footage was taken in the Kruger National Park by amateur photographers known as the Raw Wild founders.

About 50 hulking elephants stopped what they were doing and charged away in desperation from a buzzing swarm of bees a minute fraction of their size.

Pic by Catherine Van Eyk /Caters News

Catherine van Eyk, 27, said: “At first we were very confused as to why they were so upset, we thought maybe there were lion is the area.

“After watching for awhile we could see a swarm of something in the distance through the binoculars. We presume they were bees but not are completely sure.

“It was fantastic to watch, although they were in distress, it was definitely something unique to see.

“It is amazing how the largest mammal in the world can be so frightened by such a small insect.

“After some research, we learnt that bees fly up their trunks and into their ears which bothers them.

Pic by Catherine Van Eyk /Caters News 

“The buzzing sound also bothers them. An Elephant’s trunk is so important to them, it is how it forages for food, how it drinks and smells.

“If their trunk is damaged they could starve to death. Elephants can also hear a lot better than humans so the sounds would be amplified.

“This probably lasted for 15 minutes and after about half an hour we saw them coming back, covered in mud from the waterhole.”