salad dressing

By Charles Wade-Palmer

Greggs turn over a new leaf or 5,000 with salad dresses from an outfitter to the stars.

Pic by Tim Anderson / Caters News

The freshly prepared dresses covered in fruit and veg created by Kate Tabor who has worked with the likes of Katy Perry were always going to steal the limelight.

The Greggs-made salad dresses are the product of four designers who spent 200 hours and used a total of 5,000 salad leaves, 100 limes, 80 peppers, 150 chillies and 50 bulbs of garlic, to create.

Pic by Tim Anderson / Caters News

Kate Tabor, designer, said: “I’ve created costumes for Katy Perry and the Chemical Brothers to Birdy and Katy B, but I’ve never designed anything quite like this.

“Each dress is made up of over 20 individual ingredients from the Greggs salad range, with hundreds more of each making up the designs. This has definitely been my biggest challenge yet.”

Pic by Tim Anderson / Caters News

The high street bakery known for its sausage rolls and chicken slices got in touch with the showbiz dress designer to show off their new summer salad range.

with the couture-inspired creations being built from a list of ingredients including lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, jalapeños, onions, chillies and limes.

Designer Kate, who has created extraordinary costumes for Katy Perry’s famous music videos completed the salad dresses after trial and error testing out the new menu’s ingredients.

The salad dresses were commissioned by Greggs to celebrate their summer menu on the back of findings that 61% of Brits say they are much more health conscious than five years ago.

Pic by Tim Anderson / Caters News

This is supported by the fact that Greggs’ range of lower calorie menu options now accounts for more than 10% of sales as it announces total sales were up 7.5% in first 19 weeks of 2017.

The survey of 2,000 British adults also found over two thirds of Brits (68%) now rigorously read nutritional information before purchasing on-the-go items, and over half (54%) reporting that they regularly try to make healthy food choices – reflecting the continuing trend for focusing on healthy eating in the UK.