hen party

By Charles Wade-Palmer

A beautiful bride-to-be who had dreamt of a girly hen do enjoyed a hilarious spa day with her male mates.

Rebeca Abrantes, 24, was not going to let the fact she had no girlfriends stop her having a hen party ahead of her big day.

Pic by Fernando Duque/ Caters News

The glamourous engineering student tied the knot with hubby Renato Sinohara three weeks ago, one day after she had her classmates getting facials in pink dressing gowns.

Rebeca said: “Me and my bros had a lot of fun taking these pictures, everyone was taking shots of cheap booze and sometimes we were laughing so much that we had to take some time to recover and go on with the photos.

“My friends totally agreed at first. Some were ultra excited and others not so much I think, but they all loved the idea.

Pic by Fernando Duque/ Caters News

“After we had so much fun taking the photos they were really anxious to see the results and couldn’t stop talking about it.”

Computer engineering student Rebeca from Belo Horizonte, Brazil hosted the party the night before her marriage to electric engineer Renato, 32, who graduated from the same university.

Pic by Fernando Duque/ Caters News

She said that despite growing up with girls for friends when she left for university to study a male dominated degree, making close friends with more guys than girls was inevitable.

To capture the more unusual of bride-to-be celebrations Rebeca invited along professional photographer Fernando Duque.

Pic by Fernando Duque/ Caters News

“In my Engineering classroom there were 56 guys and only 4 girls, it’s not like I had a lot of choices haha.

“Of course there are some girl-friends from childhood and high school and also some that lived with me in shared apartments during university, but we are not so close anymore.

Pic by Fernando Duque/ Caters News

“I came up with this idea only one week before the wedding! Me and three of the guys are still students and two of the them have already graduated.”