Offbeat Video

By Hayley Pugh 

More than 200 people have taken part in an epic mannequin challenge on a beach in South Africa.

The challenge, which has to be seen to be believed, saw hundreds of beach goers freeze for six minutes at Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa while ambitious organiser, Calvin Munhuweyi, ran around single-handedly filming everyone.

PIC FROM Caters News

As the camera pans across the picturesque beach, adults and children can be seen doing everything from taking selfies and sunbathing to playing tennis, performing acrobatics and kissing.

The footage even moves into a restaurant across the road where the perfectly still participants are frozen in time while enjoying some food and a drink.

The video almost looks too good to be true but the television on in the background of the restaurant and the odd blink here and there is enough to show it’s completely real.

PIC FROM Caters News

Calvin, a professional filmmaker and photographer from Cape Town, pulled off the epic challenge with his friend, Richard Haubrich, after they put out an invite on social media.

On the day, everyone involved synchronised their watches so they knew exactly what time the challenge would start and finish.

The 28-year-old said: “There were over 200 people involved. It was really weird to see the whole beach packed with frozen people.

“At exactly 3pm everyone froze. Because not everyone’s watches are 100% synchronized I waited until 3:01pm then I rolled camera and ran around like a mad person weaving through mannequins on the beach.

PIC FROM Caters News

“It was an insanely weird experience to be the only one moving on the beach.

“Running on the beach was something I didn’t think of until one minute into the shoot. I thought I was going to faint but I had to keep on going.

“I filmed the beach scene in one take and then I made my way across the road and nearly got hit by a car before I went into the restaurant.

“It took six minutes to film and forever to prepare. It was pretty tricky framing the shot while paying attention to my peripheral vision for where to avoid and deciding where to go next and making sure I don’t run into objects and fall over.

“Everyone was asked to be come up with their own poses. The only thing I required is for them to do a pose they could maintain for up to six minutes without shaking and straining too much and no blinking. But some didn’t seem to get the memo

“I do think this one is the most epic one ever made, but I can’t say that I’ve watch every mannequin video out there.

“The whole thing was so strange, being on a beach where you’re the only one moving about – it feels like you have crazy super powers.”