Offbeat Video

By Chris Adams

A frustrated eBay customer who was told by the seller to provide video evidence of his ‘missing item’ complaint did just that – by showing him talking to his empty letterbox.

Tom Penny bought a car part for his limited edition Volkswagen Polo Harlequin in February but still hasn’t received it despite repeatedly contacting the vendor.

Petrolhead Tom panicked last week after realising the £16 brake and clutch bleeding kit he ordered wasn’t going to arrive in time for a car show he was attending.

And when the seller finally responded and asked the 25-year-old to send a film detailing his grievance, drainage engineer Tom recorded a brilliant deadpan clip of him checking the letterbox in his flat.

Tom, from Bracknell, Berkshire, said: “He wanted me to put my complaint in a video, so I did.

“I ordered it so long ago I had forgotten about it until I realised I needed it to fix the car up for the weekend.

“Basically I did a tour of the hallway and showed them that the letterbox was empty so clearly I hadn’t received the order.

“I suppose it was quite dry but that’s the way my humour is.

“To be honest I’m not really sure what the seller expected me to send. What else was I meant to do a video of? There’s literally nothing to show.

“I live on my own so I just got my phone out and did a little piece to camera looking confused.

“I’ve never had the package delivered or even one of those little cards through the door to say they missed me.

“The thing is I’m always complaining about these viral videos then I do one myself, basically just to show my mates, and it’s been viewed 224,300 times.

“I’ve become what I hate but just was just at a loss as to what to do.”

Tom’s multi-coloured 2014 Polo Harlequin is just one of just 114 made in the UK.

He paid £1,500 for it but reckons he’s spent £600-a-month on new parts to make it ready for the road.

Tom said: “I get really stressed when something doesn’t turn up but sometimes I order so much I lose track of things.

“My car is my absolute pride and joy. I had a Volkswagen show last Sunday and ended up having to borrow a part off my mate because this one never arrived.

“I tried to buy the same part off someone else and they sent me the wrong one so I was well stressed.

“I deliberately ordered it from a seller who said they were located nearby as I thought it would arrive quicker but I’m not sure they’re even in the UK.

“I know I look like a bit of a weirdo talking to my own letterbox but it was just a bit of fun in the hope that I’d get the message across to the person selling it.”

An eBay spokesperson said: “We’re going to send Tom a replacement kit free of charge, so he can step away from the letterbox.”