Offbeat Video

By Kim Reader

A mum-of-three has captured this ‘amazing’ footage of what she believes is the ghost of her ‘son from a past life’ walking past her TV.

In one video there is a small ‘gold spark’ before a ghostly figure appears and ‘walks’ in front of the television screen.

While other footage shows a white ‘spirit’ manifest and appear to pass by the camera forming the shape of ‘a head and shoulders’

Gran-of-two Mandy Baynham, 45, started filming when she sensed the ‘beautiful’ presence of her ‘fourth child’s angel’.

The self-taught medium believes the little boy, Danny, was the product of a frowned upon love affair she had in a former life.

Mandy, of Wednesfield, West Mids, said: “I’ve always been a spiritual person but I had never really explored my passion until about 10 months back when I started to sense this angel’s lovely, warm presence all around me.

“I started taking lots of photos and videos and I could see this beautiful spirit. It was amazing.

“I could tell right away it was a little boy and that he was always with me so I went to get a reading.

“The medium told me the little boy was my son from a past life. At first I was so shocked, I just couldn’t believe it.

“But as he told me the story, I started to have visions like flashbacks and I just cried because I knew it was all true.

“Danny’s story is that I met this man called Stefan and we fell madly in love but we were both really young.

“Stefan was Jamaican and living in the town of Morocco in Newton County, USA, in the 1920s we knew people wouldn’t let us be together.

“We used to sneak around and meet up in the barn and I fell pregnant but when my parents found out they sent my love away and when the baby was born they put him up for adoption.

“Danny was sent to live with another family but then one day he was out playing with a ball and he chased it into the road and got hit by a lorry and died.

“As the medium explained it, I saw all this happen and it was absolutely heartbreaking. I was in tears.

“Ever since then Danny’s soul has been searching for mine. It took a while but he’s finally found me and now we’re always together. It is so beautiful that bond between a mum and her son.

“In one of my videos of Danny’s angel you can see a gold spark before he runs passed the TV. That orb is of an archangel watching over him.”

When Mandy first starting taking videos on Danny’s ‘angel’ she kept them to herself as they are ‘so personal’ but the mum is now sharing them for the first time as she wishes more people were open to the existence of the paranormal.

Like any little boy, Mandy says Danny’s spirit is very mischievous and she often hears him jumping on her bed and switching the kettle off when she’s trying to make a cup of tea.

Since childhood, Mandy has been a spiritual person and claims she has always been able to sense paranormal beings.

But after learning of Danny’s presence in her life, Mandy is learning how to develop her natural abilities offering tarot and photograph readings online.

The gran, who is currently unemployed, said she has had such positive feedback on her communications with those who have passed away that she is now planning to set up her own business.

Being close to Danny’s angel and exploring her spirituality has brought Mandy from a ‘dark place’ to one where she is ‘surrounded by love’.

Mandy said: “I have always been very spiritual. Throughout my life I have had an extra sense about how people are feeling and I could always sense spirits but I never developed it.

“Before finding out about Danny and my past life, I was in a very dark place and when I heard what happened to him, at first it was really upsetting.

“But now I have turned it around and focus on the positive. The fact he has found me is a blessing, it is a miracle.

“And now he is always with me and I am surrounded by love and beauty.

“It encouraged me to start really exploring my passion and in doing that I have found out a lot about myself, I have started to blossom.

“I just wish that more people were open-minded about it because so many people must be surrounded by angels from their past lives but they’re too oblivious or sceptical to ever realise.”