By David Keane

A photographer is turning heads with his rare shots of baby tawny owls basking in the sun – though their clever camouflage makes the usually nocturnal creatures incredibly hard to spot.

Andrew Fusek Peters, 51, was alerted by a pal that there was a tawny owl with two chicks living in her garden who had come out to enjoy the warm weather.

The dad-of-two raced over with his camera and captured incredible photos of the babies squinting in the sun and stretching their talons.

But one of his photos has had Andrew’s friends in a flap as they struggled to even locate the three birds, who blend into the foliage of the tree.

Andrew, from Lydbury North, Shrops, said: “I feel very privileged to have captured such extraordinary pictures of these magnificent creatures.

“It’s very rare that you see the chicks out at all, never mind in the day time and enjoying the sun like this. After all, they are shy, nocturnal creatures and lovers of all things dusk.

“The babies are still very young and show the fluffy juvenile feathers they have before their adult ones grow.

“There are some pictures in which they appear to be looking right at me and in others the sun is in their eyes so they are squinting, which is very cute.

“The pictures have had everyone saying ‘ahh’ over them, though there are a couple that have been driving everyone mad and has proved a bit of a ‘spot the owls’ game.

“It’s actually quite tricky to spot them as their colours blend in with the beige leaves on the tree really well. That might be why they feel confident enough to be out in the day time like that.

“Each time I look at it, it takes a few moments to find them again – and I took the photo.

“The mum is very protective of them. At one point she swooped in to protect them when a pigeon got too close. It didn’t hang around for long, let me put it that way.”