photo series

A man, who became fascinated with hands following a handshake with the surgeon who saved his wife’s life, has created a series of pictures about the body part.

Pic by Daniel Born/Caters News

The unique pictures by Daniel Born, show the hands of people from all walks of life with many different jobs from a rock climber and a baker to a beauty therapist and a tattoo artist.

Pic by Daniel Born/Caters News

Daniel, from Johannesburg South Africa, was inspired to start the project following a handshake with his wife’s neurosurgeon.

Pic by Daniel Born/Caters News

He became fascinated by hands and their importance and has since taken dozens of images to add to his collection.

Pic by Daniel Born/Caters News – Hands of Mayvis Mataya, a baker, who says, I need my hands to feed my children.

He said: “I started the series because I was curious to see how people’s hands depict the worlds they live in.

Pic by Daniel Born/Caters News – Hands of Freda Rowan-Eckstein, a retiree, who says, I have done a lot in my life. I was a ballerina and I always had the best grades for my hands.

“My wife had a tumour removed two years ago and I remember very well the moment I shook the hand of the neurosurgeon, Dr Schalk Burger, before he went into the theatre.

Pic by Daniel Born/Caters News – Hands of Munky, a tattoo artist, who says, I would rather not have eyes than not have hands.

“Her life was in her hands. His hands have saved hundreds of lives and I couldn’t stop thinking about that for some time after he successfully removed my wife’s tumour.

Pic by Daniel Born/Caters News –  Hands of Alon Skuy, a photojournalist, who says, My hands enable my drive to make images.

“I began photographing certain people’s hands as I came across them or heard about them from friends.”

“I find them fascinating.”