By Charles Wade-Palmer

A loved-up couple on honeymoon have been driving their 4×4 on the beaten tracks of stunning South America without a plan for months.

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Confident Dimitri O, 31, proposed to his now wife Sarah by showing her an online blog he had created to document their future honeymoon which they embarked on last November.

Not content with ten days by a pool, adventurous newlyweds Dimitri and Sarah, 29, have spent the last six months travelling through glacier lakes and rainforests in their wedding car.

Sarah Vleminckx said: “Our wedding was the first time we got to ride our Land Cruiser together as it was our ceremony vehicle which we also used for our photo shoot.

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“People always wait for the moment or retirement to start living but guess what, there is no perfect moment so stop whining and do what you love.

“We had talked about our plans for the future and not making the mistake to postpone dreams.”

Sarah and Dimitri scrapped their rough travel plans less than two months into their honeymoon driving the Toyota Land Cruiser they posed in on their wedding day.

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The couple from Antwerp, Belgium set off to explore the extreme and breathtaking landscapes of South America four months after they tied the knot in August.

Sarah sacked in her job as a talent manager at a renewable energy supplier for the honeymoon while engineer Dimitri has been able to work on the go as a self-titled digital nomad.

While they waited for the off-road vehicle they finished working on the night before their wedding shipped over, Sarah and Dimitri brushed up on their Spanish.

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Dimitri said: “We both love road trips and started to fantasise about a pan-american overland trip.

“We worked until Saturday evening late to get the brakes fixed, just in time! It was Sarah’s first time behind the wheel and she drove in it to the ceremony which was a big day for all of us.

“Somewhere in the summer of 2015 we decided we wanted to do the trip and gave ourselves roughly a year to prepare.

“And by preparing we mean only the car, we didn’t plan the things to see and do in advance.

“We flew into Buenos Aires November 8th 2016, so that’s about six months now and we don’t know when we’ll end the trip.

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“We’ll go back to Belgium when we run out of money, or when we’ll feel like it, freedom is part of our experience.

“We were also thinking about getting kids and buy our own place but we also felt we had to do this big trip now, before having these attachments.

It was only in November 2015 that Dimitri thought the trip of a lifetime would be fun to do it with his wife as a honeymoon rather than his girlfriend.

He created the website and logo for Global Honeymoon and proposed to Sarah using the blog he has set up based on their life story to date.

Sarah said: “Generally, we live day-by-day. Our original plan was to go from Ushuaia, Argentina to Montreal, Canada but after roughly one-and-a-half months on the road and having reached Puerto Natalas in Chile we changed that plan.

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“Many have proven before us you can ride the Panamerican Highway from South to North in roughly six months but that would mean doing a lot of kilometres every day and that was not the goal of our trip.

“We also heard other travellers were planning much more time than originally planned discovering new places so that made us drop the plan to go further down Ushuaia aka ‘the end of the world’ and just take the road when and where we felt like it.

“Our start was in Buenos Aires, Argentina where we took a week of intensive Spanish School while our car was on her way from Antwerp, Belgium to Montevideo, Uruguay by boat.

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“After two weeks we picked her up in Montevideo and that was the official start of our road trip.”

The global honeymoon has so far crossed through Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Leaving Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico still to be explored.

“The best road so far has been the Carretera Austral in Patagonian Chile which some do in a couple of days but we took two weeks to cross the 1000 km road across glacier lakes and rainforest.

“The best wildlife experience has been meeting sea lions up close in Punta Ninfa’s. It’s not well known to tourist as they all go to parks with an entrance fee and barriers.”