Offbeat Video

By Christina Wood

An OAP driver smashed through a metal railing, ploughed through a sign and dragged a bike into the middle of a road after losing control of his vehicle in what could be the worst parking fail caught on camera.

Paul Whiers, 63, was in work at his interior design firm but heard the crash from the collision in Harrogate, North Yorks, he ran outside to find the ‘shaken’ elderly man.

The business owner claims the driver was ‘a typical old person who lost control’ as he drove into the main road, nearly hitting oncoming motorists.

The shocked driver then remained in the middle of the road for 20 seconds before pulling around the corner.

Paul, from Harrogate, said: “Had there been anybody walking up the path it could have been a lot worse. It’s very dangerous.

“We think he was trying to park. We thought he might have gotten his foot caught on the pedal and panicked.

“He was a typical old person backing up and losing control. You get this sort of thing all the time. The police car came up and sorted it.

“If it had been just a few seconds later he would have hit the brick lorry.

“It happened right outside our office. We heard the crash. We weren’t sure what had happened.

“Everyone went outside to see what was going on and all of the drivers around had to stop.

“After [the crash] the driver then pulled around the corner, got out and was very shaken. Passers-by were very concerned.”

The crash occurred in June 2016, but Paul has only now revealed footage taken from his CCTV to raise awareness of dangerous driving.

Paul said: “When they saw a bike under the car they thought he had hit a cyclist but it was just chained to the railings. No other person was involved.

“When we found out that nobody was physically hurt it was more of a laugh. Although, it is shocking. It could have been really bad.

“The driver stood around for a while and a passing police car stopped and took his details. We just left them to it. The police later came in and had a look at the CCTV.

“They said he would probably not have his licence renewed. He was over 80-years-old.”

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “We were called at 1.52pm on 6 June 2016 to a collision on Leeds Road, Harrogate involving a silver Ford Tourneo, which had reversed through some metal railings. No one was injured. “