Offbeat Video

Bizarre footage has captured the moment a woman is ambushed by a bass while trying to reel in another fish hooked on her line.

Sydney Sewell, 24, was out on a peaceful fishing expedition in Plant City, Florida, when the surprise ambush took place.


Sydney, now pursuing a degree in radiologic technology, has been fishing since she was a little girl.

“I actually caught my first bass when I was 13 and have been hooked ever since,” said Sydney.

Nothing quite like this has happened to her in the 11 years she has been fishing.

“This day was like any other day of fishing, nothing made it any different, until that bass decided to attack me.”


The determined bass can be seen leaping up out of the water and striking Sydney’s arm immediately after she has hooked another fish.

“When the bass first hit me in the arm I had no clue what had just happened.

It happened so quickly I didn’t even see it but it did scare me.”

The courageous bass’s strike proved successful as Sydney let go of the reel- she ended up pulling in an empty hook.

“Unfortunately I didn’t end up catching the bass I had on the line.

But it lead to having an awesome video and a crazy story.”