This photographer certainly got the seal of approval from one happy-looking pup who posed for the camera.

The adorable seal pup can be seen grinning into the lens and was more than happy to pose for a picture or two on a beach in Norfolk.

Retired Carol De Wit, from Kings Lynn, was lucky enough to capture the picture-perfect shot during a trip with her husband, Alan.

The pair couldn’t resist the photo opportunity when they came across the playful pup basking on the beach.

Alan said: “Carol and I took up to 600 images of the Grey and common seals in the rookery at Horsey, both in the sea and on the beach.

“This shot of the young seal appealed to us due to its comical nature, so from this days’ photography it was our favourite capture on the day.

“It was amazing to see so many seals hauled up between the groynes on Horsey beach.

“Due to them being in the moulting process the range of colours was interesting to see.

“Their behaviour as they interacted with each other was noisy and often funny as they rolled and flopped in the sand or surfed in the waves.

“We spent about two hours observing and photographing the seals in the cold wind and the rain showers because it was such an incredible experience.

“We were extremely pleased to see that we had captured some good photographs of the grey seals.

“The photograph of the ‘laughing seal’ amused us. It’s a photograph that provokes a smile.”