By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious exchange between a new mum high on pain medication and dad where she forgets she has given birth just two hours before.

Tisha and James Heffron were sat on a hospital bed at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California, USA, early on the morning of February 6 discussing the birth of their new son Clay.

As the new mother’s morphine takes effect, James, part of the United States Marine Corps, tells his wife she had a baby, a stunned Tisha responds: “Not today, what?”

Throughout seven hilarious minutes, the mum-of-two forgets a further three times about her new-born, even asking James what is moving in her room, to be told that’s their baby.

James, from Oceanside, California, USA, said: “I was torn between trying not to laugh and making sure Tisha didn’t stand up.

“Nurses had told her not to leave bed and get as much sleep as possible.

“Her first reaction was to go for a walk but I couldn’t let that happen.

“This went on for at least ten minutes before she fell asleep again.

As a drowsy Tisha battles the strong medications effects, she continues to ask her husband of three years what they are doing in the hospital.


Despite explaining the arrival of Clay, Tisha refuses to believe she has given birth to a child other than first son Jackson, 15 months, who she then proceeds to call ‘her favourite’.

After James congratulates his tired wife on her doing ‘good today’, Tisha is shocked when she finds out she has given birth, even asking if she pushed the kid out of her belly button.

James said: “Once Tisha had woken up from her drug induced hibernation she was fully cogent.

“Straight away she remembered Clay and the whole birth process.

“That was a relief.”

Following a disconcerting discussion about penises and vaginas, Tisha first asks James if he is her mum and then her brother.

Having replied with ‘that would be weird as we had a child today’ leaving her stunned that the pair had sex.

A few moments of realisation later, a huge grin crosses Tisha face as she calls James hot and cute.

Other parts of the funny dialogue include Tisha confusing a catheter with believing a cat is in her hospital room and thinking she is covered in thousands of bugs.