obese baby

Bilal Kuchay

Fund crunch has forced the parents of a nine-month-old Indian girl, who weighs a whopping 44 lbs, to discontinue her treatment just a weak after she was admitted in a city hospital.

Chahat Kumar from northern state Punjab was recently referred to the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), the state’s premier hospital in Chandigarh for weight-loss treatment.


However, the parents have now decided to take their morbidly obese baby back home as they cannot afford the tests that would cost them a staggering £2400.

“Doctors conducted some tests but told us that there are few more tests that need to be conducted to diagnose her problem.

“Blood samples were taken from all of us and doctors said that the samples need to be sent to a foreign country for further analysis. We were also told to arrange almost £2400 so that the samples can be sent for analysis.

“I cannot afford such a huge sum that is why I brought my daughter back to Amritsar,” said Chahat’s father, Suraj Kumar.


Kumar, who works as a cable operator in Amritsar and earns a meagre sum of £80 a month, has already spent almost £1800 on his daughter’s treatment but to no vain.

“I have no savings left and I cannot ask anyone to lend me loan. There is no one who can give me such a huge amount. The only option now left with for her treatment is to sell my house,” he said.

Chahat’s mother Reema, 21, said that her daughter was born as an average weight baby in August 2016 but started ballooning in size at the age of four months.


“She was born as a normal baby but after four months, her weight started shooting.

“We took her to several doctors in Amritsar, but surprisingly, doctors did not find anything abnormal about her alarming weight,” said Reema.

The young parents are growing increasingly worried for Chahat’s health.

“Due to her excessive weight, she is not able to sleep properly. Sometimes, she even struggles to breathe which is worrying us a lot,” said Reema.


To know the cause of her massive weight, doctors have taken blood samples of both the baby and her parents and planning to send it for advanced examination.

Dr Devi Dayal said: “We conducted some general tests, but the disease could not be identified.

“The samples need to be sent to Bengaluru for sequencing to know any abnormality in genes. It will cost the family around  £2400. The samples will be sent for examination when the funds will be arranged.”

Kumar and Reena have lost their first child and they are growing worried about Chahat now. The young parents said they are appealing the state government for help so that Chahat’s treatment can be continued.

“We appeal the Punjab government to save our daughter. If the government wishes our daughter can be treated and she can have a very good future.

“Our first child died even before Chahat was born. She is our everything now and we do not want to lose her as well,” the parents added.