Offbeat Video

By Christina Wood

A receptionist annoyed that her plumber boyfriend ruined their plans by sleeping in after a boozy night out filmed herself getting revenge – giving him a full makeover and nail job in his sleep.

Natalie Weaver, 23, was looking forward to going for a drink with partner Stephen Hall, 26, on Sunday but her plans were dashed when he didn’t return until 6am that morning after night out with pals.


After being left to her own devices all day, bored Natalie plotted vengeance on her boyfriend and decided to ensure Stephen really did get his ‘beauty sleep’.

Pictures and video document Stephen blissfully unaware during his transformation, as Natalie applies a full face of make-up including foundation, highlighter, eyeshadow, false lashes, lipstick as well as eyebrow make-up, all finished off with glam false nails.

The plumber only woke up by accidentally scratching himself with the long nails and despite initially being confused at his own reflection, admits he ‘made a pretty woman’.

However, Natalie is now living in fear that Stephen will be after his own prank as payback and refuses to go to bed before he does.


Natalie, from Castleford, in West Yorkshire, said: “I have always said he would suit being a woman. So, I thought I would do him up and see what he would look like.

“He’s quite a feminine character. He is very bubbly and a lot of people have fun with him.

“He had gone out and been drinking all night Saturday until 6am on Sunday morning he had a bit too much to drink and we were meant to be going out for the day. I wanted to spend some time with him.

“He was so tired from having no sleep he was falling asleep at every blink. I was really bored so I got revenge.”

The plumber had slept from 1pm for an hour before the couple attempted to go out for a couple of hours but they soon came home when Stephen struggled to keep his eyes open.

When they returned he was out cold from 4pm until 4am the next day and at 7pm Natalie decided to give him a makeover.


She applied foundation, highlighter, eyeshadow, false lashes, lipstick as well as eyebrow make-up on Stephen and when he was still asleep at 10.30pm she decided to glue on a set of fake nails.

Natalie said: “He woke himself up with the long nails and he had half opened his eyes in the mirror. He didn’t think it was himself at first.

“He was just shocked and asking what’s happened. I tried to convince him he had come home like that.


“It was funny until I got up at 4am to take off the make-up, he said ‘I’m actually quite pretty.’

“There was a lot of laughing but he wasn’t angry. He is a lot of fun but I think he’ll think twice before doing this again.

“I’m surprised he slept through all of the laughing. I was in absolute hysterics. It was crazy.

“He’s quite happy with people’s reaction after seeing the pictures. I expected him to be like ‘oh my god everyone can see me in make-up’ but he’s loving it. People keep whistling at him in the street.

“A few people have been giving me ideas of what else I could do but I’m scared he’s going to get revenge. I’ve just got to make sure I go to sleep before he does.

“He keeps himself to himself so I don’t know if he’s got anything planned.”


Stephen, from Castleford, in West Yorkshire, said: “I was so tired I couldn’t open my eyes. I was just shocked. I wasn’t angry. I just kind of laughed about it.

“I was more annoyed when I gave myself a scratch at 4am with the nails. I was very confused. I didn’t know if it was a dream.

“I wasn’t even bothered I just wanted to go back to sleep until the panic started to kick in that I had to go to work with these nails on. I had to rip them off, it was very painful.

“I thought I looked alright though. I would make a pretty woman.

“I’m getting so much abuse at work, saying ‘I bet you wanted her to do it’. It is quite funny.

“It was quite a big night, I had loads to drink and didn’t get in until late. We were supposed to spend time together the next day and go out somewhere.

“We tried to go out and I was that tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open. She was quite annoyed and she was getting more annoyed the more I wasn’t responding to her.

“I’m surprised she reacted like this. She normally gives me the silent treatment and we have a massive row. This is a nice way to deal with it.

“I haven’t really thought about getting revenge, maybe I should be more prepared.”