Animals Video

By Liam Bolland

A student in Wales trying to feed a seagull bread after a night out was bitten multiple times in a hilarious video.

Alice McLachlan, 22, a student at Bangor University, was outside Peep nightclub in the city when she stumbled across the injured seagull.

Her boyfriend, Daniel Geraghty, 22, filmed the incident in the early hours of Sunday May 7th as Alice tried to nurture the seagull, nicknamed Greg.

After moving the seagull off the road, Alice ran home to get the bird some bread, before being bitten while trying to feed it.

Alice said: “We found the seagull in the middle of the road and my first thought was that it must have been hit by a taxi driving people home from the club, so I had to move it to the pavement so it didn’t get hurt even more.

“I thought if I got it some sort of food it might be able to survive the night and someone more qualified might come along and save him.

“It bit me a few times while I tried to feed it and ultimately I was sad because I couldn’t really do much to save him.

“Hopefully someone came along to help him out who could have done more than me.”