Animals Video


By Katy Gill

These stags are enjoying getting roughed up – by scratching themselves on trees.

PIC FROM Max Ellis / Caters News

They found a fallen tree to rub themselves against in an attempt to rid themselves of irritating winter coats as warmer weather rolls in.

The red deer found the useful scratching post at the end of February on Richmond Park in London.

PIC FROM Max Ellis / Caters News

They were filmed by 45-year-old photographer Max Ellis, who managed to get within 20ft of the beasts to get the shot.

He said: “The stags are scratching the base of the antlers.

PIC FROM Max Ellis / Caters News

“As the time comes round to shed it’s quite a common site to see the animals trying to alleviate their irritation.

“I managed to get to within about 20 feet from them.”