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By Becca Husselbee

A retired racehorse has forged a new career…as an ARTIST.

Pic by Caters News

Forget John Con-stable and Vincent Van TROUGH, Metro the Thoroughbred is becoming an internationally renowned artist – with his painting selling for hundreds of dollars.

Metro raced for four years and was one of the fastest turf sprinters New York at the time, running at prestigious racecourses such as Belmont and Saratoga.

However after an injury ended his glittering career he has now turned his hoof to a more creative past-time.

After being adopted by Ron Krajewski and his wife Wendy, Ron noticed how Metro would bob his head up and down when he wanted attention.

Pic by Caters News

An artist himself, Ron, had the idea that if he could teach Metro to hold a paintbrush he might be able to paint and within days he was able to put strokes to a canvas.

Metro earned approximately $300,000 in prize money, winning 8 races, but it would be a knee injury that had affected him throughout his career that would end his racing days.

But now, he’s well on his way to earnign the same amount of money as a professional painter.

Pic by Caters News 

Ron met Metro at Penn National Race Track and said: “After his last race he limped back and the vet put him on the vets list, meaning he had to prove himself healthy to race again.”

“The decision was made to retire him and find a home, but there were no takers since his future as a riding horse was unsure due to his injuries. We adopted him straight off the track.”

“If we hadn’t have adopted him he would have probably ended up on a truck to a meat plant in Mexico or Canada. That is the sad end to many injured racehorses.”

Metro still receives regular treatment for the bone growths in his knees and the money he receives through his worldwide sales goes towards his regular vet bills.

Not only do the sales contribute to his care but also to help other horses who can go on to have careers after racing.

Pic by Caters News

Ron said: “From the very first painting sold not only did we want to help Metro with his vet bills, but we also wanted to help other retired racehorses find homes when their careers were over.”

“We donate 50% of the proceeds from every sale of Metro’s paintings to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption fund programme. To date, metro had donated over $80,000 to help horses in need.”

Metro’s paintings are sold through his own website as well as Lark Gifts Shop, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and have become so popular that they are now sold out. Anyone wanting to purchase will be placed on a waiting list.

Ron said: “He loves to paint. As long as he wants to keep doing it, I will keep handing him the brush.”

To buy one of Metro’s paintings,  visit here.