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Goats fight

By Katy Gill

You’ve goat to be kidding me! This is the moment two adorable goats fight to climb up a children’s slide.

Their owner, David, 38, from Vermilion, Ohio, caught the hilarious scene on camera.

Caters News

David’s two-year-old son Logan can be seen playing on his swing set in their in their back garden.

Their two pet goats called Ricky and Lucy, immediately like seeing the young boy on the slide and want to join in.

The baby goats’ jump onto the yellow slide and scramble up it in an attempt to climb up.

Caters News

Their efforts are short lived as they adorably keep falling off!

David said: “Ricky and Lucy saw my son Logan playing on the slide and decided they wanted to try to follow.

“You can see Lucy, the tanned goat, was very excited and decided to leap off the slide and kick the air.

“Their two favourite things are climbing stuff and following us.

“So I think it may have started out with ‘hey let’s climb this to follow Logan’ and then they probably just realised it was a lot of fun.

“It was hilarious!”