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dog snores

By David Aspinall

Never let this sleeping dog lie as he snoozes upside down and snores like an old man.

Showing the results of dog walker Cathy Chace’s exertions, Jackson snoozes deeply on the passenger seat of her car.

Stretched out fully, the two-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback mix wears a contented upside down grin on his shattered face in Melrose, Massachusetts, USA, on May 10.

Belying his stillness, Jackson snores loudly and persistently even ignoring any rustling or movement from Cathy.

Cathy, owner of Chase the Pack dog walking, said: “Jackson does normally sit in strange positions but this was by far the funniest.

“I am lucky enough to spend my day making people’s dogs tired.

“We have a pretty busy day and by the end he gets tired. He likes to sit in the funniest positions.

“Jackson stayed like this for about 15 minutes until we had to continue our day.

“I was laughing pretty hard and couldn’t wait to show his owners.”