Animals Video


By Sophie Norris

This is the moment a cocky badger appearing to play ‘king of the castle’ in a row over a chair showed off to its rival – by cheekily picking it up from above like a crane.

The bizarre footage shows two boisterous badgers seemingly row over who gets to perch on the chair, with one having claimed the spot for itself.

The second critter makes repeated efforts to make its own way onto the chair in a family garden in Nottingham or dislodge its rival with its snout.


However the chair-hogging badger holds fast and even shows off by biting hold of its poor pal’s fur and lifting it up with its mouth – with arms and legs flailing.

Steve Ralph, a senior ecologist from East Midlands Environmental Consultancy (EMEC), caught the footage on camera after spotting the badgers in the area.

Steve said: “The badgers are clearly bickering like siblings and they often mess around, squabbling over food.

“It is hard to tell if the badgers are related or their age because of the footage, however they seem to be the size of adults.

“This footage is really rare and we don’t see this kind of cheeky behaviour that often.”