wacky races

Dozens of dare devil racers took to the street in a day of wacky races that left many bruised, battered and buzzing from the thrill of an adrenalin fuelled road-racing event.

The madcap competition in Ponta Grossa, south Brazil, involved 170 pilots speed-racing downhill in handmade go carts, makeshift box carts, longboard and standard skateboards, and some weird and wonderful contraptions.

The bravest of them all was Anderson Nico, who plummeted down the mile-long stretch, with its steep incline and a tight bend, on nothing more than a four by three-and-a-half-inch go-cart making it the world’s smallest brake-less four-wheeler.

Reaching speeds of up to 50 miles an hour, Nico showcased the tiny vehicle which took him three months to build, test drive and launch.

The record-breaking sled is moulded from a small piece of wood and has two axles, ball bearings and four nuts making up the wheels and a single metal bar to hold onto.