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By Katy Gill 

This old dog certainly has some new tricks – riding skateboards and balancing on exercise balls.

Purin is an 11-year-old beagle who has exceptional balance.

Pic from Makoto Kumagai/Caters News

The pooch loves nothing more than racing along a park on a skateboard or carefully perching on top of an exercise ball.

Videos show Purin rolling around during a ‘warm-up’, building up speed on the board and peering adoringly into the camera from a large blue ball.

The footage was taken in a park in Tokyo, Japan by owner Makoto Kumagai.

Pic from Makoto Kumagai/Caters News

The 50-year-old said: “When she was around two-years-old, she lost interest in playing with other dogs.

“I thought she needs exercise to keep her healthy, so I decided to play with her.

Pic from Makoto Kumagai/Caters News

“Thereafter I trained her to do tricks while playing with her, and she very quickly developed her talents.

Pic from Makoto Kumagai/Caters News

“Most of her tricks are originally things she loves to do, such as jumping, riding on things, and using her front paws. I changed them little by little.

“She actually holds three Guinness World Records now, and was signed up by a talent agency in Japan.”