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base jumper

A hungry base jumper filmed himself jumping off a Swiss mountain  – while eating his lunch.

Quentin Lucon posted the hilarious video of himself plummeting hundreds of feet to earth while chowing down on a hamburger.

Quentin has made more than 350 base jumps – but this is the first time he’s ever flown mid-meal.

Amazingly, the snack actually remains whole, wedged in Quentin’s mouth, for most of the flight – before the top bun gives way, leaving lettuce and bread flying through the air.

The daredevil, from Switzerland, was joined by his pal Franky, who dared him to jump from the cliff while eating the burger.

The pair specialise in filming unusual jumps and posting them online, under the name of Hakuna Mata-Base jump.

Quentin said: “We’d had quite a big lunch after jumping for the day, and the burger was left in the back of my van.

“We were going to throw it away, when my friend said it would be good to give the poor burger a second life, as the star of a new jump.

“I know the spot, in the Valais region of Chamoson, Switzerland, like the back of my hand. The flight was a little unstable, because of the distraction of the hamburger, but because I know the area so well it wasn’t too scary.

“I didn’t think for a second that the burger would last as long as it did.

“I did laugh when we watched the video back. It looked very funny.”