By Michael Scott

This relationship truly has been seal-ed with a kiss.

Beautiful photos of two seals underwater show them holding one another in a loving embrace.

PIC BY Adam Hanlon/ Caters News –  The two seals hugging

At one cute point, the darker grey seal tucks the other protectively under its chin.

The pictures were taken by South African photographer and diving instructor Adam Hanlon near the Farne Islands, Northumberland.

He has been photographing underwater scenes and creatures for 15 years.

Adam, 50, said: “I spend around 100 days a year photographing everything from whale sharks to sea slugs all around the world.

“The rookery at Farne Islands is well known for being very accepting of divers. The seals will pull on diver’s fins and gently mouth camera flashes or dangling equipment.

“They are incredibly interactive. Anytime a wild animal chooses to interact is an unforgettable experience.

“On this day, there were a large number of seals, but one female in particular seemed very interested, and kept getting close to us and nipping us.

“The reason soon became clear. A large bull seal arrive and joined the antics. At first, she seemed to be trying to drive us away, but as the bull seal became more comfortable, she seemed to use us as a way to make him jealous.

PIC BY Adam Hanlon/ Caters News

“As we watched, the seal’s romance became more intense.

“We watched them go through an elaborate courtship, chasing and nipping at each other’s tails.

“There was a lot of what we humans would describe as holding and cuddiling.

PIC BY Adam Hanlon/ Caters News – The two seals sharing a kiss.

“From an observer’s point of view, it appeared to be quite tender and intimate, with the female nestling in to the male’s chest and them both using flippers to hold each other.

“We could witness the seal’s antics for around an hour and a half, before air supplies became low.”