Animals Video

By Katy Gill

Say cheese! A friendly fish appears to flash his pearly white gnashers for a surprised diver.

Andres Nomberg, 51, who is a diver – was swimming deep in the Malaysian ocean when he was suddenly greeted by the beaming fish.

Looking happy to see the diver by the island of Sipadan – the fish cheerfully opens its mouth to Andres’s shock with what looks like a pair of false teeth.

The parrotfish can be seen joyfully swimming by the diver with the biggest grin on its face!

Andres said: “I’ve come across Humphead Parrotfish before but this one was great as it was smiling back at me like it knew I was filming!

“It looked so happy, I thought it was a great opportunity to capture it in the moment.

“The parrotfish was going about its usual business while the smaller cleaner-fish were swimming close-by.”