Offbeat Video

Terrifying footage from Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka, has captured the moment a female soldier crashes into high voltage power lines.

The incident took place during a parachute training exercise held at the Embilipitiya Army Training Camp.

An onlooker, Chamuka Dilshan, was filming the military exercises.

His video captures the parachutist heading directly towards the high voltage lines during her descent.

A bright flash occurs and a loud crack can be heard right as she makes contact with the lines.

The soldier then falls to the ground, where on-lookers are seen immediately rushing over to help.

Sparks and flashes continue above as the parts of her parachute remain entangled in the high voltage power lines.

The soldier is loaded into an ambulance by medical staff at the camp, with the help of her visibly worried comrades.

Miraculously the soldier survived the ordeal – walking away with just minor burn injuries, an army statement said.