Offbeat Video

By Michael Scott

This is the nail biting moment three men smash the world record for walking across the longest slackline above water!

Samuel Volery from Switzerland, Tijmen Van Dieren from Holland and Lukas Irmler from Germany all broke the astonishing record – as they elegantly balanced above the water with ease.

Pic by Lyell Grunberg/Caters News

The three men all took turns to walk the line – surrounding by the breath taking views of Kalterer See Lake in South Tyrol, Italy.

Encircled by mountain peaks and the glistening sun – the slackliners can be seen walking a whopping 750 metres without falling.

It took Timjen one hour, Samuel 45 minutes, and Lukas 25 minutes to smash what is one incredibly difficult world record.

Pic by Petra Cola/Caters News

The impressive slackliners look relaxed yet are psychically on edge as they look down at their bare feet high above the luminous turquoise water.

All three use various techniques of cautious walking mixed with speedy running – and amazingly make it to the end without slipping!

Samuel, 35, who is the owner of slacklines company Slacktivity, said: “It was amazing breaking the record.

“It was the longest waterline ever set up.

Pic by Lyell Grunberg/Caters News

“The record counts when a person walks the entire line without falling or sitting down – all three of us fulfilled that task.

“The first meters were tough as I was really pumped with adrenaline.

“I was so psyched to try such a long and beautiful line in front of many spectators.

Pic by Petra Cola/Caters News

“The vibes were super positive, as everyone was supportive and very interested in what we were doing.

“The entire walk felt really beautiful and calm, especially as the surround of Kalteren were simply amazing!

“The last meters when I realised I accomplished the record was honestly the most rewarding moment.”