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Zafar Iqbal might look like an ordinary man but he has a talent like no other.

The 23-year-old from Sargoda, Pakistan, can touch live electric wires with his bare hands without feeling a shock.


““It began accidentally almost 10 years ago when I was trying to fix a switch in my house. I put my finger into the power socket but I did not feel a shock of any kind,” said Iqbal, who is a farmer by profession.

““I was trying to plug my music cassette player when I realised I did not get electrocuted.”

Iqbal enjoys celebrity status in his village of Chak. His help is often sort to fix electric lines, and he loves to oblige.

““I can climb an electricity transmission line and do some tweaks here and there because I know I won’’t be affected by the current,”” he laughs.

But now, Iqbal’’s talent has become an addiction. He says he feels the urge to touch live wires every morning to feel ‘recharged’.

“When I get up in the morning, I hold a 220-volt wire for 5 to 10 minutes. It might sound weird but it helps me relax and charge up,” he said.

Iqbal, who lives with his parents and three sisters, says he has never seen a doctor to check on his condition.


“We were shocked ourselves. But we feel that this is a gift from God. When he started touching wires when he was 12-13, we knew he was special,” Said Iqbal’s father Iqbal Gaziani.

“And because he had no physical or health complications, we did not feel the need to show him to a local doctor.”

Iqbal manages to earn less than £2 a day by working in local farms. However, he wants to become a full-time electrician so that he can make more money.


“”I want to do some training to become an electrician. I am sure I will be terrific. But I don’t have the money at this stage,” he adds.

““I hope someone spots my unique talent and offers me an opportunity.”