By David Aspinall

Forget Dear Mama, this baby girl clearly thinks the song should be called Dear Dada as she continually mistakes a picture of Tupac on a T-shirt as her daddy.

Adorable Dionne Moorman has clearly been making some Changes to her family life when she points at the rappers face and calls him ‘dada’.

After opening a set of drawers at home in Cumming, Georgia, USA, and revealing the shirt multiple times, the diddy 16-month-old continues to think it is her father Darian.

Even after mum Denise – a huge Tupac fan – corrects her through constant giggling, Dionne goes back to the wardrobe and persists with her statement.

Denise said: “As soon as I heard Dionne saying ‘dada’ I could not stop laughing.

“He’d only started doing this moments before and I don’t understand why he did.

“Even now whenever I wear the shirt, he keeps saying ‘dada’.

“Darian finds the humorous side in it but also thinks it’s a little embarrassing his own daughter was calling Tupac her daddy.

“We now correct her whenever it happens and she just says ‘Pac’ instead.”