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By David Aspinall

Forget asking for her hand in marriage, this devoted boyfriend looked for a paw in marriage when he asked his dog for her blessing to propose to his girlfriend.

Loved up Aaron Frisch roped in Golden Retriever Kona as he prepared to ask partner of four years Nikol Allison to marry him.

Filming mere hours before he dropped to one knee on March 31, Aaron says the five-year-old pooch has given him her blessing.

After asking Kona ‘I’m going to marry Nikol, what do you think’, the ecstatic pooch shakes Aaron’s hand while grinning from ear to ear.

Nikol, from Freemont, California, USA, said: “When I saw this video, I was so happy I broke out into tears.

“Aaron knew from the moment I met him that Kona was a huge part of my life.

“He knew – even though it may seem silly to ask a dog – asking for her blessing would mean the world to me.

“She is the ultimate companion.”

Nikol has had Kona since she was seven weeks old and she was in her life for a year before meeting Aaron at a bar in Davis, California.

Nikol said: “Aaron and Kona quickly became best friends and companions.

“I can honestly say that she is a significant part of our lives together.

“I am the crazy dog lady that posts thousands of pictures of my pet on all social media platforms.

“She was there for me when I was going through some hard times and I couldn’t imagine life without her.

“In fact, Aaron and I don’t really like doing anything without her so we tend to eat dinner at home and sometimes make excuses to our friends about staying in because we don’t want to leave Kona.”

The couple don’t have any concrete plans for their wedding yet, however, they do know that Kona will play a big part of the ceremony.

Nikol said: “She will walk down the aisle before I do and I plan to have her be a part of the ceremony, reception, and weekend festivities.

“The wedding wouldn’t work without her as there is three of us in this family.

“The biggest challenge will be to find a dog-friendly venue but we are confident we will find one.”