Incredible footage has captured the moment Cody Cirillo, 24, skis off the back of a truck, stunts his way down a slope and then skis back onto the truck.

Cody, who has been skiing since he was a child, shot the point of view video on the Loveland Pass in Colorado.


“I’ve been skiing since I was 3-year- old, when my parents moved to Breckenridge, Colorado,” Cody said.

“I fell in love with the sport and since then it has become a major part of my life.”

Having just finished studying at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Cody feels blessed to have been able to pursue his passion while studying.

“I’ve been able to travel the world, film, and compete all through my skiing- so it’s been a huge blessing to be able to continue doing my favorite passion,” he said.

“I’ve amassed some great sponsors who have all been extremely supportive of my career.”


But I wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of my parents – I owe them an endless amount of thanks.”

Having spent numerous winters doing shoots with various filmmakers, Cody decided it was finally time to embark on his own project.

“I had been up the pass about a week before, and a friend and I talked about how cool it would be to make a line of jumps down the run.”

Cody quickly realised he was missing a major piece of the puzzle- a truck! Thankfully he was able to recruit his friend Daniel McFadden.

“He was out for the ski season with a shoulder injury, so he volunteered some free time to come and drive me up and down the pass.”

Cody describes the task of preparing for the stunt as extremely exhausting.


“I spent hours the day before and morning of just building the jumps by myself- I was pretty tired by the time I actually got to start hitting the course.

We got a window of good weather, and pushed ourselves to get it done.”

Landing the whole run in one take was a momentous event.

“I was really stoked to have landed the whole run all in one take- it was extremely satisfying being able to put it together.

It felt as if a weight had been lifted.”

Cody hopes to inspire others with his story.


“I hope it inspires people to just go out, have fun, and be creative.

You don’t need expensive cameras and gear to make cool content, just an idea and a recording device as basic as a phone.

And maybe sometimes a friend with a truck!”