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whale shark

By Ben Walley 

Watch the amazing moment a group of divers get up close and personal with a gigantic whale shark.

John Dornellas, 34, from Florida, USA, captured the beautiful creative on a GoPro as he swam alongside the giant with a group of friends in Baja, Mexico.

The whale shark is the largest known fish species and can grow up to an enormous 12 metres in length.

John, a freediving and spearfishing instructor, said: “I was there hunting for yellowfin tuna and wahoo and we all decided to take a break from spearfishing for the day and went to swim with whale sharks.

“It was a bucket list item for all of us.

“We were asked to swim with, but not touch the sharks, so we honoured that request and had to swim pretty hard to keep up with them.

“You don’t realise how fast they’re swimming until you’re in the water with them.

“They move so fluidly that they seem to almost stand still, but the opposite is true, if you don’t kick hard enough they will just swim straight past you.

“Swimming as hard as we were, holding our breaths wasn’t easy.

“My favourite part of this footage was holding the GoPro near the gills of the shark, giving an idea of the animal’s sheer mass. It was such an incredible creature.

“It’s not the only time I have swam with exotic sea creatures and I document all of my adventures on my Instagram, @ibreathewater”