By Hayley Pugh

A group of wild squirrels have posed for a charming alphabet themed photo shoot using adorable miniature props.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News

The 26 enchanting pictures, each one representing a letter of the alphabet, have been compiled by photographer, Geert Weggen, to make an incredibly cute and colourful children’s book.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News

The 48-year-old snapper captured the delightful pictures in his self-made studio at his home in Bispgården, Sweden.

Geert’s unique studio runs from his kitchen window to the forest in his garden outside.

He entices the wild red squirrels by hiding nuts in the miniature scene he has created and uses a camera connected to his computer to watch the creatures come and go.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News

Amazingly Geert captured most of the images from his kitchen window.

He said: “I built a studio which is connected to my kitchen and the forest.

“It has a partly branched roof so that the squirrels can come in from the trees and I have a camera connected to my computer which points towards the forest and studio so I can see when the animals arrive.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News

“I take most of the shots from my kitchen window.

“It’s all about food. The squirrels are so used to strange and different environments that most of the time when seeing something new they just start looking everywhere for food.

“If I want a squirrel to climb I hang food in buckets, if I want a squirrel to pick up something I hide some food in the object.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News

“Sometimes I make strange noises so that they focus on me or change their position.

“Sometimes I never get the shot that I had in mind and it can take up to five days to capture some pictures.

“Some of the squirrels are amazingly good at posing but every squirrel is different and react differently to the scenes.

“After many years of practising thought it has become much easier.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News

“It took me months to collect the props. Some I made myself and some I bought from markets and online.

“There are four different red squirrels in these photos and each one has a unique personality.

Pic by Geert Weggen/Caters News

“One is quite relaxed, there is another which likes to stay on the ground, one always seems to be in a hurry and the fourth always seems quite nervous.”