Life Video

By Katy Gill

An adorable girl with severe physical disabilities tries to repeat what her dad is saying.

Brookie Reynolds, six, from Rhode Island, USA, suffers from spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy which affects all of her limbs and makes her unable to speak.

This touching video shows Brookie’s dad, Dan Reynolds, 41, encouraging her to repeat after him and she does her best to say ‘Hi, mum and bye

Brookie’s mum, Allison Reynolds, 38, said: “Brookie is non-verbal yet she understands everything. Trying to get breaths out is extremely challenging for her and also mouth movement.

“This video you can see her trying so hard and hear her saying ‘hi and mouthing mom which is a hard task for her.

“She needs 24 hour care. She’s pretty much stuck in an infant’s body but with a smart six year old’s mind.

“She uses her power chair to get around which gives her the freedom to keep up with her friends.

“We have learned to take everything day-by-day, life is hard but our family motto is, ‘Impossible is nothing.’

“Brookie is alive, truly happy and the most amazing soul whose spirit can brighten anyone’s day.”