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kittens rescued

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment three orphaned kittens are rescued from a factory basement after several days alone in the dark.

Located in a crawl space beneath the warehouse in Los Angeles, California, USA, the tiny trio lay abandoned, hungry and scared after their mother was hit by a car and sadly died.

Following four days in complete darkness and trapped with no way out, the litter’s lives were in grave danger, as none of them had been fed since their mum’s unfortunate death, leaving them mere ‘hours to live’.

Heard crying out for help, Armando Navarette of LA’s SMART Animal Rescue Team, along with his colleague ‘Mr. Fox’, braved the depths of the claustrophobic crawl space to haul the frail felines to safety.

Armando said: “The kittens were completely trapped and had been for four days, if they weren’t rescued when they were, they would’ve died within 24 hours.

“They were in bad condition, they were severely dehydrated and sick with discharge coming from their eyes and nose.

“We believe they were born in the building, which would explain why they were so far in.

“All three of the kittens were taken in by the Best Friends Society, and are making excellent progress.

“They’ll all be ready to find permanent homes soon.”